clay facial bar

clay facial bar

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Made with 100% olive oil, the Clay Facial Bar is a Castile soap and is mild and moisturising for the skin. It comes unscented and is suitable for sensitive skin and babies. It is also smaller than our regular bars and is easy to hold if you want to lather the bar directly onto your face. Suitable for face and body.


(pictured clockwise from left: Clay Facial Bar, Original Facial Bar, Neem Facial Bar)

Ingredients: Saponified olive oil, French green clay

Use:  Wet soap bar with water and work up a lather with hands. Apply lather, or soap bar, onto face directly and rub in circular motion. Rinse off after. Recommended for daily use. Keep soaps drained between uses.

Average weight: 55g

Packaging: Bar soaps will come wrapped in paper.

Handcrafted with botanical ingredients. Free from synthetic fragrances, colours, sulphates and parabens.

Customer Reviews

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Melanie Lucille Poon
Best bar my skin has experienced

Literally. I have sensitive and oily skin which is very unfortunate for SG weather and heat, so was a bit unsure how it would react to this bar. Turns out it loves it! Incredibly gentle to the skin, within a week the angry maskne at my chin calmed down and was less red. Leaves it soft and moisturised. It’s coming to a month and my skin still hasn’t had any flare ups! Thank you! x


It is moisturising and felt nice. But unlike the other soaps, this one really needs to be drained of water properly after each use because if left in contact with water during storage it becomes a sticky liquid a lot faster than the other soaps. This is simply a storage issue - it is still so amazing and I don’t think i’ll go back to my liquid face washes anymore.

Andrew Minnitt
Shiny Outcome

My daughter tells me..... “It makes your face really clean, which is good, and it’s also ‘not sticky’. But it makes my face too shiny sometimes..? :) “


I have sensitive skin and first time using a facial bar. I like that my skin feels smooth and clean after each wash without feeling irritated. The facial bar lathers well and only need a little for each use!

Face feels smooth!

I have combination skin. Compared to the drugstore facial cleanser I used previously, the clay facial bar leaves my face feeling smoother, without having that tight sensation. Face also feels cleaner versus the drugstore facial cleanser!

Highly recommended!

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