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Our Eco Efforts

in our studio

  • we always practice the 3Rs of reducing, reusing and lastly, sending items to the recycling bin

in our production

  • use of sustainable palm oil in our bar soaps
  • small batch production according to demand to reduce wastage
  • bar soaps that do not pass our quality control are sold as Roughies so no soap goes to waste

in our packaging

  • we keep our packaging simple to reduce materials used
  • use of recyclable materials such as paper/cardboard to package our products
  • reusing bubble wrap from supplies and donations
  • low-waste packaging option at checkout

in our workshops

  • removed use of cling wrap as a packaging option
  • use of natural additives in the workshop

open studio days

  • we open the studio on certain days of the month so that our customers can walk in to purchase our products package-free or bring their own containers for refills