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laundry bar

laundry bar

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These laundry bars are great for handwashing small items of clothing or delicates. Upcycled from soap offcuts and coconut oil, they are a low-waste option for handwashing your laundry.

Scent: unscented


How to use laundry bars for handwashing clothing items:
1) Treat stains on clothes where necessary.
2) Wet clothes and rub bar onto it to create lather.
3) Rub clothing item with hands gently to agitate.
4) Let sit for a couple of minutes.
5) Rinse item with faucet or pail of water until there water is no longer soapy.
6) Squeeze item with hands to get excess water out. Do not wring or twist to prevent the clothing item from going out of shape.
7) Hang up or lay item down on a rack to dry.

Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, assorted soap embeds

Average weight: 110g

Packaging: Bar soaps will be wrapped in donated magazine paper.

Handcrafted with botanical ingredients. Free from synthetic fragrances, colours, sulphates and parabens.

Customer Reviews

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love it so much

I got a free bar from my previous purchase and couldn't stop asking Rough Beauty to start selling them. haha it's so good for washing reuseable mask! I have tried using detergent, hand soap, to wash my masks but it's still not very useful. but the laundry bar is really easy and clean very well. great!

Victoria Lim
Laundry bar is a 5/5

The bar has been great and also loved how the bars were packaged in recycled magazine paper (which aligns with the eco-friendly brand image). appreciated the mini gift too!

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