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What Are The Differences Between Bar Soap & Liquid Soap

on October 28, 2022
What Are The Differences Between Bar Soap & Liquid Soap


The majority of experts concur that cleaning with soap is essential, regardless of whether you choose liquid soap that comes in a plastic bottle or bar soap. The correct soap is necessary to help maintain a healthy, radiant complexion in addition to warding off disease-causing microorganisms. But have you ever questioned whether one kind of soap is better than the other?

We need to dispel one persistent myth before moving on – despite what many people think, bar soap is just as hygienic as liquid soap. In reality, numerous studies have demonstrated that bar soap is just as good as liquid soap at preventing illness and is less likely to transmit bacteria.

But it doesn't mean there isn't more disparity between bar soap and liquid soap that can influence your preference. In this article, we'll compare the benefits of bar soap versus liquid soap and explain how to choose the best choice.


Perks of using bar soap

Minimal & natural ingredients

Cold process bar soaps require minimal ingredients and can be made without preservatives. Also, in order to cleanse your body without drying your skin, many cold process bar soaps are prepared with fats and oils with moisturising qualities.


Recently, bar soaps have become very popular again, in part because of how ecologically friendly they are. At Rough Beauty, our soaps are manufactured with plant-based ingredients that are safe for both people and the environment. Additionally, we also use donated materials such as carton boxes and bubble wrap for shipping as much as possible.



You won't have to worry about immigration queues or bottles spilling in your luggage if you bring bar soaps on your travels. You only need to pack your favourite bar soap in your carry-on to be ready to travel.



The nice thing about all-natural bar soaps is that, while being created with premium ingredients, they can come with very affordable price tags. Additionally, they are longer lasting than liquid soap and you may use every last bit, ensuring that nothing is wasted.


Downsides of using bar soap

Can be messier to use

Bar soaps can easily transform into a mushy, soapy mess if you're not careful. We advise keeping your bar soap in a dish with good drainage and away from water splashes to prevent it getting mushy.


Perks of choosing liquid soap


There is no doubting the practicality and convenience of liquid soap. There isn't a slick bar to fiddle with – simply lather up your hands after pumping some soap into them.


Lathers well

Liquid soaps are well known for their outstanding lathering abilities. However, this foamy lather frequently contains sulphates, a class of chemicals popular for creating lather and may sometimes cause skin irritation.


Downsides of using liquid soap

Packaging waste

Liquid soap almost typically comes in a plastic bottle, which is one of its main drawbacks. You can help protect the environment better and save countless plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill by switching to packaging-free bar soaps.


May contain toxic ingredients

A rising number of safe, non-toxic liquid soaps are now available on the market. Nonetheless,  many of their standard formulas still contain parabens, sulphates, perfumes, and colourings.


More expensive

In general, liquid soap costs more and depletes more quickly than bar soap.



At the end of the day, whether you choose to use liquid or bar soap all depends on your skin type and lifestyle preferences.

Consider getting liquid soap in a refillable bottle if you'd like a convenient and fuss-free choice. On the other hand, if you'd prefer going low-waste and plastic-free, bar soaps would be the best option.

Our bar soaps are produced using eco-friendly ingredients and are packaged minimally, in a plastic-free box.

In addition to bar soaps, we also produce liquid soaps using the same natural ingredients and high-quality essential oils as our bar soaps.

Feel free to check out our range of products and bestsellers to see the ones that you may like!


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