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Scent in the spotlight - Geranium

on June 12, 2018
June ushers in the start of the summer and it marks the full bloom of Geranium. These flowers (also known as Cranesbill) come in white, pink, red, purple or blue and are processed for the geranium essential oil. They begin blooming from early spring and last till autumn and are easy to grow and versatile, easily making it to the list of a gardener’s favourite.

The geranium essential oil is a popular floral scent that is well liked by people and is a crowd favorite amongst ladies. When the flower fully blooms, the sweet scent of these perennial plants disperse through the winds of June. June being the hottest month in Singapore exposes many of us here to the sweltering heat and Geranium is one of the essential oils that does not cause photosensitivity to your skin in these sunny conditions. Its scent can be described as a walk down the lanes of a rose field, carrying with it a refreshing, floral note that reminds you of fresh wind picking up flowers.

Benefits of Geranium

Geranium has a wide array of benefits:

  • antibacterial properties for combating bacteria
  • perfect oil for healing abrasions and scars as it speeds up the healing process
  • antioxidant properties for sunspots appearing on your skin especially when living in a sunny locale like Singapore
  • diffusion in the air after a long day at work to uplift one’s spirits

Uses of Geranium

It is commonly found in perfumes, colognes and body washes. It can be used in an aroma diffuser, perfect for making your space sweet smelling and calming. In addition, geranium can be infused into soaps and shampoos to give it a floral touch. Geranium is a type of aromatherapy perfume.


Fun Flower Facts: Geranium (Cranesbill)

Melissa Lim and Neo Ann Qi


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