We are working on a product series based on a new scent, it is still a work in progress but we’re really excited to share about it with you ❤️  The Mari range is named after a rescued cat at @studiogerii and we would be donating 10% of all sales from the Mari range to community cat rescue and TNR (trap, neuter, return) efforts in Singapore. 🐈

The first in this series is the Mari Bar, a bar soap with three layers, coloured with Australian reef red and olive green clay. The scent is a blend of citrusy notes - bergamot, orange, grapefruit - and a floral lavender note. The scent and look of this bar is still a work-in-progress as we want to have this as a staple in our bar soap offerings. We hope that the Mari range will help raise awareness about community cats in Singapore.

Check out our Mari Bar here.

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